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    • Nickelodeon announces 90s nick channel called The Splat!
      By ZenicHedgehog · Posted
      I rather Cartoon Network do this instead of Nick. Yea sure Boomerrang is CN old shows, but hey, they show Yogi bear, Flintstones, and Jetsons. I want a CN shannel that shows Samurai Jack, Ed edd Eddy, Teen Titans, the good Teen Titans. I want all those shows back.
    • Nickelodeon announces 90s nick channel called The Splat!
      By Konacha · Posted
      I feel like this block is more/less for people who are Nostalgic for the 90s (even if the 90s gave us some of the worst shows made, Mega Babies, enough said) and have been yelling for them to do it. While I do admit that the shows are from my youth are good, I also feel like we are holding onto these old relics when newer shows are doing just as well and better. I just don't think a TV channel is going to work since a majority of people who this is aimed for won't watch it and the newer kids don't care. I predict this is going to crash and burn.
    • Nickelodeon announces 90s nick channel called The Splat!
      By Truesonic · Posted
      On Saturday, a full-length channel for the network quietly premiered on YouTube with clips from faves including “Rugrats,” “Rocko’s Modern Life,” “CatDog” and “Ren & Stimpy,” among others. A bare-bones website also launched, which links to recently-launched social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Dunno if this was needed since they already had a "90's are all that" block airing at night for us 90's era people. Hey as long as I can watch Catdog, Doug, Hey Arnold, Angry Beavers, Rocko's modern life, Legends of the hidden Temple, and Nick Arcade then I'm peachy~ My question is, when will the Disney channel do this for their cartoons?!
    • Man Starts Gas Station Blaze Trying to Kill Spider with Lighter (video)
      By ZenicHedgehog · Posted
      Spiders I hate most in this world, but doesnt mean I will let off a nuclear bomb just to kill a tiny one. You really have to think on these people even survive by themselves
    • Man Starts Gas Station Blaze Trying to Kill Spider with Lighter (video)
      By xXDragonXx · Posted
      You know.... we have the phrase "kill it with fire" but it's not meant to be a literal thing. I know of an old story were a guy burned his house down just to kill a spider. I don't like the little monster either but I'll never resort to fire. Unless it was bigger than me.
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