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    • Star Wars - The Force Awakens
      By xXDragonXx · Posted
      So I have just come back from watching the movie and really it's okay. It didn't bug me much that it is largely a reskin of the first Star Wars movie but what I enjoyed was the characters. Finn being my favorite as he has the most going for him in interesting story.  When it comes to the stormtroppers I don't think they did a very good job covering them, it is just passing that some are not clones but it could have used more. I really came to like the robot BB 8, thought it was cute. As for the female lead... yeah can't lie... the main reason I say it's okay is because of her. But it could have been far worse so that it is why it's okay. It isn't like that with her at first, as she only knows tech stuff having to trade it for living. It's when she gets Force powers that I just say no. Instead of using the little Force powers she knows for the greatest effect in situations, she just somehow knows how to do the advance stuff with no effort. So she isn't a Mary Sue through the whole thing, just starts normal and works her way up to that. From what I can tell there will be more in the future but if they want her to be a good character they might have to tune it down with her. She has got what it takes in regards to her own story but if they just keep on getting her to be super strong then I would lose a LOT of interest in whatever story they had for her.
    • Merry Christmas!
      By xXDragonXx · Posted
      It was been a fair Christmas for me and Star. We had the full tree this year, and my sister surprised me a LOT with the gifts she got me and I kind of wish I got her more.  I do hope to get into more stuff here. Maybe one day get back into making the comics. Other than that Merry Christmas, and good times with any other holiday you celebrate.
    • Hatsune Miku Project DIVA X for (Vita/PS4)
      By Truesonic · Posted
      Sega has released a brand new trailer for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X, which will be releasing for the PlayStation Vita on March 24th, 2016, in Japan. You can check out the official trailer below.    
    • Merry Christmas!
      By Truesonic · Posted
      Merry Christmas everyone! Hopefully everyone is having a safe and happy holiday season. I haven't had oodles of free time these past few months due to my workload picking up, but today was a day off baby~ What are you all doing this season and what are your plans and resolutions for the upcoming new year?  Me? I'm gonna work much harder and try not to procrastinate as much (That is when I'm not sleeping of course).
      Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah
    • Star Wars - The Force Awakens
      By Nightwing · Posted
      The fact that it is just a reskin is what's really putting me off. I think I'm going to wait and watch it at a later date. I've also heard that the woman who's the lead this time is a massive Mary Sue who basically wins and defeats bad guys simply because she's the goodie/protagonist. This puts me off in particular because I have distinct memories of Luke failing and losing lightsabre battles to Darth Vader because of the reality that he wasn't as powerful and wasn't trained. For me, that three movie arc of Luke's journey to becoming the hero is probably one of the most satisfying pieces of the star wars storyline... and ditching that in favour of "yay! good guys won!" really rubs me the wrong way. A little like they couldn't control themselves and write a good story and instead opted for as much instant gratification as possible. (And naturally the only way you can do that is have an overpowered or Mary Sue protagonist.)
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