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    • BlazBlue Central Fiction announced! (BB4)
      By Dom Dom · Posted
      Bad time to start their test. A decent amount of Blazblue professionals were unable to try this game out and give their opinions because they were attending EVO. Regradless, I am sure there will be more testing in the near future. I will get this game without a doubt. However, not sure if Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator will come first or this one. 
    • The Phantasy Star Online 2: BlazBlue Crossover and Anime coming soon!
      By Truesonic · Posted
        During a event in Okinaway on Sunday, SEGA announced that its 2012 Free-To-Play online RPG Phantasy Star Online 2 will be getting a television anime adaption. The anime, being called Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation, will have a completely new storyline and take place on Earth in the near future. There is going to be new scratch items, which include costumes to make your avatar look like characters from the BlazeBlue universe. Each character has a male and female variant of their costume. BlazeBlue characters represented in the update:  Ragna the BloodedgeJin KisaragiNoel VermillionIzayoi Mu -No. 12-Each character will have their respective iconic weapons unlockable in Phantasy Star Online 2, which are shown in the trailer above. This update is being called ‘Phantasy Star Online 2: Darkness Shrouded Domain‘ and will continue the story in the game as well as add this big crossover.      
    • BlazBlue Central Fiction announced! (BB4)
      By Truesonic · Posted
      Got some matches of the new characters in action.          
    • Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away
      By xXDragonXx · Posted
      The man really seemed to know what games were about. He tried to have as much fun in all the games possible. That he was a major role in the creation of Kirby, and he's the reason many Pokemon fans want more games with many regions as he was the one who had Kanto added in gen 2. This was the man who was holding a bunch of bananas with a serious look on his face. Truly the man was one of a kind.
    • BlazBlue Central Fiction announced! (BB4)
      By Truesonic · Posted
      Looks like this is going to be the 'last' part of the story.

      -New playable characters: Hibiki Kohaku and Naoto Kurogane (from Bloodedge novels).
      -First loke test on July 19 and 20th . Trailerファミ通TUBE  
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