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    • The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Heart coming 2015!
      By ZenicHedgehog · Posted
      Wow, this brings back memories. Good to know no one ever forgot about this movie series. Last time I watched one was when I was 10 or something jeez.
    • Marvel announces Tom Holland will play Spider-Man
      By xXDragonXx · Posted
      I don't think they would use Miles (right away anyways) as it would be a big risk as people think of Peter Parker as Spiderman, so aside from the deadhard comic book nerds out there they wouldn't really know. It would be like having a Batman movie where Dick Grayson was Batman, because yes in the comics Dick was Batman for a time but in a movie a lot of people would be confused and only know him as Robin. In all honesty if they wanted to use the character of Miles at some point I would honestly love it if they went like this. Peter is Spiderman for a number of years, Miles gets his powers, Peter finds Miles and mentors him, at some point Peter feels that he needs to retire and hands Miles the title of Spiderman. I know it isn't the story in the comics, I've heard the basics of the plot involving Miles becoming Spiderman but I like my idea better.
    • The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Heart coming 2015!
      By Nightwing · Posted
      It'll go nicely alongside Die Hard 13.7 and The Expendables 49. I'm sure they'll release TLBT XIV game soon enough to coincide with COD 38, MGS 22 and FIFA 58.
    • The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Heart coming 2015!
      By FieryBlitz · Posted
      Holy smokes, this is becoming a thing again? My childhood just keeps on giving surprises when I least expect them.
    • Marvel announces Tom Holland will play Spider-Man
      By The Jenth Doctor · Posted
      It was announced he'd be in the MCU, yes. I'm curious to see if they'd skip the origin story, or just do a quick flashback, since fans do not want to see it again.  Personally, I'd rather see Miles Morales than Peter this time. It would bring something new. 
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    • Aerospine

      Welp, was looking forward to doing rps here again, though haven't gotten much of anything started for the month of June.
    • Herman2000

      Jesus, look at her. I'm glad she can't tell what I'm thinking or insert thoughts into my head. I'm such an ass. Yummy dolphin nuptials! Wait. What?
    • Nightwing

      Based on the pilot... Supergirl is one to miss. Shame really because the character is actually very interesting.
    • Aerospine

      Oh man Heavensward in around 12 hours...I cannot wait!!!  May stream it!
    • Aerospine

      Welp, now it be officially summer, hope to have some good fun again.
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