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    • Suicide Squad Movie
      By Nightwing · Posted
      Interesting thoughts Dragon. You could be right about the whole Will Smith as the star power. For amusement, I went and had a quick flick through the cast list of Man of Steel to see if this was a mistake they'd made in the past (as I was aware I'd never heard of the guy playing Superman before.) The cast contained Russel Crowe, Kevin Costner and Lawrence Fishburne. Perhaps you wouldn't consider them all A-listers, but least one of them is. So the mistakes made in Man of Steel clearly weren't lack of star power. That said... perhaps they thought it was lack of star power in a leading role rather than a supporting role? I can't say for sure, but I would say that Dragon's thoughts should be kept in mind for this. With Harley, until they have her acting like a child, bouncing off the walls going "weeeeee!" then they've not quite captured the fun aspect to her character that, imho, makes her so appealing to everyone. One thing I can say I'm looking forward to is The Killing Joke animation that's due out sometime this year. With Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprising their respective roles and an eagerness to stick to the source material (meaning that it'll be rated R. So I think they'll be doing a tastefully done version and not getting too brutal with the story.) I'm very positive about the likely outcome. After the disappointment of Batman: Bad Blood... which I may still post my ranty review of... I need cheering up and this looks like it's going to do it. - But not without typical controversy from idiotic feminists trying to push their nonsense in spaces where they don't have any market power (i.e. they don't buy the products.) (Note: incoming angry rant.) For those unaware, they are of course trying to complain about sexism because Babs is the big loser in The Killing Joke... but they complain she suffers as a part of advancing the story of two men. Typical tunnel vision of these people. Yes, Joker only harms her to get to Commissioner Gordon. However all three have storylines of their own. Babs becomes Oracle because she's a fucking heroine! Her overall story is that the sort of tragedy that would stop others in their tracks, can't prevent her from still becoming one of the most important and influential heroes in the DC universe. (Personally I think they should be adding Oracle to some of the DC animated stuff they make because she's a great character.) But no, it's unacceptable that Joker does mean stuff to a woman... he's a fucking villain! He does bad stuff to people. Babs is neither the first, nor the last. He does bad stuff to people to get at others all the time. He didn't kill Jason Todd to get at Jason Todd... he did it to hurt Batman! Frankly these SJWs and feminists need to spend less time caring about the rights and treatment of fictional people and focus a bit more on real people who actually exist and have real human rights problems. (I used to be on the fence when the whole gamergate storm came about, as my post history will prove. All the trolling and shit just made it seem too confusing, overly emotional and generally unpleasant to deal with. My views have softened since then and as things have progressed with my beloved graphic novels, I'm almost convinced I was wrong to ignore it... in the "When they came for the Jews, I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. When they came for the homosexuals, I didn't speak up because I wasn't a homosexual. When they came for me, there was nobody left to speak up for me." kind of way. I would urge all my fellow TSFers that if you see shit like this happening, whether it's in games, comics, tv, movies, whatever... speak out against it! Say something and voice your displeasure at a political narrative spoiling something you or others enjoy. 'cos if you don't, when they finally get round to the specific bits you enjoy... there'll be no resistance left to stop that being ruined!) Now let's be very clear about the level of idiocy we're dealing with here. This sort of person is typical of what is becoming increasingly common and they admit that they don't have any real knowledge of Batman lore but then say they're still in a good position to provide a review of a classic Batman comic. Unfortunately, these sorts of people are starting to have an influence on the writing of graphic novels and the associated movies. On behalf of those who care about the lore of the DC universe everywhere, I would like to extend a very sincere "fuck you. Go fuck yourself. Don't breed and please die in a fire." to this moron. My opinion on the DC universe is objectively superior to yours you cretinous imbecile. Why? Because I have more knowledge of the universe. I know more about the context. You suggesting your opinion is equally valid as mine is so astonishingly arrogant, that it deserves all the public mockery it gets. And no, it's not sexist to tell you how much of an imbecile you are. It's objectively true. You are acting like your secondary school education in science makes your opinions on particle physics equally valid as that of someone who worked on the large hadron collider. You're not being told by geeks that you're an imbecile because you happen to have a vagina. You're being told you're an imbecile because that's what you are. You are precisely the problem today. You don't buy the products or care about the lore, yet your bullshit political crap that has no fucking relevance to fiction is starting to pop up where we comic fans DO NOT WANT IT! Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK has unsolicited opinions on Israel got to do with this? I'll tell you what's unsolicited, your bastardised opinions on whether writing should be politicised. Seriously, fuck off back to tumblr and go cry about how mean I am to you. You should note, I wouldn't be "mean" to you if you didn't come over to my place and start breaking my shit because you can't comprehend it! (End mini-rant.) If you're actually interested in the evolution of Babs as a character, you'll find some of her best early stuff written by Chuck Dixon in Black Canary/Oracle Birds of Prey, followed by Nightwing: The Hunt for Oracle. I'd also recommend Nightwing: The Lost Year. That follows the evolution of the relationship between these two characters both before and after her paralysis. In my opinion, there is no character in fiction who portrays a heroic mastermind better than Barbara Gordon as Oracle. (I actually felt acute rage when they were flirting with calling Felicity Smoak "Oracle" in the Arrow tv series. Oracle is a character I hold dear, so that's probably why I am particularly upset at feminists trying to piss all over her tragedy to further their political agenda.) The latest DC animated stuff has been a bit of a mixed bag. I'd recommend some of them, say a few are "meh" and say two or three are truly awful. I'll put a little of this in my Bad Blood review and post that up for anybody who's interested. Anyways, this is a little tangential... semi-off-topic talking about DC and comic stuff more generally rather than just this specific film so I'll get back to the specific topic. As for Ben Affleck as Batman... in simple terms Affleck just isn't a very good actor. I'm not quite sure how he's done so well in Hollywood. Perhaps it's simply because he's good looking? Looks have always got talentless people a long way on both big and small screen, so it's hardly anything new or remarkable. It just makes me sad that one of my favourite characters is being played by someone so talentless  Then again... I could rant all day about the things wrong with the Flash tv series and Supergirl... characters I like being abused on screen for profit. Flash is being saved by some of the minor characters. Supergirl is not being saved - the bimbo-ish nature of their portrayal of Supergirl combined with the absurdity of Jimmy Olsen being played by a guy who looks like a basketball player is too far from reality to ignore. I just can't watch that without raging at how they're pissing all over characters I love. So I'm thinking I'll do a Bad Blood review and get that rant out of my system... then do something a bit more positive and do a piece on the things I'd recommend seeing. 
    • Suicide Squad Movie
      By xXDragonXx · Posted
      *Slow clap* In all honestly I knew that Nightwing's post would be the most thought out and informative, but this goes well beyond that. Thinking about Will Smith being Deadshot, aside from the things Nightwing said it also seems he's there for the star power and not much else. It was like, "We need a big name star for this movie." "How about Will Smith?" "Give this man a promotion!" But considering how this movie is being done with the squad being just formed and with Amanda and Deadshot being different actors, it seems to go out of their way to imply that the DC cinematic universe is in no way connected to the TV shows their doing, unlike Marvel where their shows are tied into the movies, so there is a misstep there. Plus it something felt off about Deadshot and while looking it up... yeah, the red eyepiece is on the wrong eye. It's nothing big but it kind of bug me. With Harley there is more I would like to add. I mean this seems to go with everyone being together with not much detail. Harley was a doctor who originally studied the criminally insane and in the process (due to the Joker mostly) she became insane herself. The trailer so far doesn't show the strengths of the character of why she became popular to begin with. And yeah, like Nightwing said that scene is sexually charged but what I feel is worse is that Harley is naturally a sexy character who doesn't need stuff like that thrown in. And when there is Harley there is the Joker since I guess they thought it would be strange to add her there and not the Joker. Which is strange, since what is shown here you think they would discard that anyways, but what are you going do. If anything having them in a movie without Batman could be interesting, but no...  With Killer Croc, yeah... he is kind of downsized. I would say find a bigger actor to be the character, and if they can't then he would have to be CGI, and if they can't do that correctly then it would be better not having him in the film at all. Until I see it for myself I will not judge Affleck as Batman, cause I'll agree with Nightwing in regards to Afflecks personality it doesn't say anything about his acting skill. And like Nightwing kind of found myself pissed with him with the every same event. But it just might be that kind of thing that makes you forget they are that character and thinking them as the actor. So it might make it hard to judge knowing that but I'll try when I randomly get the chance. Honestly I would like DC to just let their characters be who they really are and not be Batman and let Batman be Batman and not the Edgy Batman that keeps getting pushed on us. I mean is really that hard to make something that had the heart and soul that was the DC Animated Series shows? Hell I think it would be better time spent watching Batman TAS instead.
    • Suicide Squad Movie
      By Nightwing · Posted
      Right... where to begin with why this makes no sense. (Prepare for a lengthy, angry rant.) Even if we skim over things like lack of Justice League in place to actually trigger Project Cadmus, and Amanda Waller running everything legally (ha! So funny to find her not doing shady shit off the books), and Will Smith playing a white character who wears a mask without wearing a mask... it appears the Batman from BvSDoJ is in this. I posit to you: a Batman who kills criminals and Joker still being alive is complete nonsense. I'll kill regular criminals, but this one who's killed way more than any drug dealer needs to be kept alive so we can cure him. Absurd. Now if memory serves when I first saw teasers of this I thought "oh, they're gonna make like some kind of task force X thing." And yeah, basically the difference between task force X and suicide squad was that X had some specific goals, suicide squad was just a response team. It was much better when there were specific goals and the US govt was conducting a sort of cold war with the justice league. If you're interested in seeing the wider DC universe involving Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman et al in this cold war, look up the old Justice League Unlimited animated series from the Bruce Timm DC universe. It's very close to the source material and goes through a gripping storyline involving Waller's Cadmus project vs Batman's Justice League and the side plot from Lex Luthor, mixed in with a bit of alternate universe lore. Anyways, back to this nonsense... From what I'm seeing in the trailer... Harley seems to just be some hot chick doing odd things rather than the obsessive child-like character that she should be. She seems far too normal in that bar scene. (Seriously, her voice should be way more high pitched and annoying. She's basically a hyper child because she got sad at being an adult and she's easily influenced.) I feel like they're just having edgy Harley (in an obvious sexually charged scene, because sex sells to nerds?) because Harley is a popular character. I'd say this is the same reason they're putting in Joker... popularity. I love me some Joker, but it's looking pretty cringeworthy at the moment. What is the plot of this film meant to be anyway? We create suicide squad to stand against Superman (hahaha! what an absurd premise. They were never founded for that. They were off the books to do Waller's dirty work. i.e. illegal shit she wasn't allowed to do even with her black ops teams.) and then suicide squad goes... where? Why? Explosions! Woo! Joker's turned up because... Joker! Do the writers even know what the hell is happening? Is there plan here besides Harley's tits and Joker's absurd car? Next, Will Smith... if ever there was a miscasting... this is it. They should have carried over the guy who played Deadshot in Arrow, he was pretty good. There's nothing more to say really. Will Smith has always had a fairly limited range for acting... he does best in comedy... maybe action comedy like Men in Black. (He made that look gooood!) This isn't his thing. Sorry Will. Don't worry though, you can go back to making shit films with your retarded son. Killer Croc is far too small... he looks like he might be shorter than Ben Affleck. While we're talking about problems with this film, let's add Ben Affleck to the list. (Affleck himself has pissed me off ever since that retarded tirade against Sam Harris demonstrating he has an IQ of about 40.) More specifically, he's just never going to convince me as Batman... and that may be down to the writing, but it doesn't matter, once it's acted it doesn't matter. He's done it wrong, therefore he's bad in the role. True, you would like DC to move away from Batman. I would quite like DC to stop raping Batman. In fact, I would like DC to stop most of their molestation of my childhood. I half wrote a ranting review of the latest Batman animated movie Bad Blood because it's just taking good ideas and then bastardising them for what appear like social justice reasons. (Need more black people, need more women... don't think about writing sensible stuff or casting the right people for the role. Just more blacks, more women.) This concludes my rant about DC for the moment. Seriously... I can feel the pain of all Marvel fans who had to endure the Toby Maguire Spider-Man films. It's so much more painful when bad writing and poor acting affects something you love.
    • Yo! Guess who's back?! (Yes me!)
      By Thomas C. · Posted
      Long time no see eh? Call it a very long vacation if you will but I have been away from these forums for what feels like a lifetime. I feel like I changed a lot throughout the years for the better and many other things have changed as well. I don't want to go through the details so I'll spare you all the details.

      But seriously, who here remembers or missed me? I know I missed you all and I'm glad to be back!
    • Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final/Apocalypse
      By Herman2000 · Posted
      I for one have more than enough SMT on my plate to last me a while (Strange Journey, Devil Survivor, Persona 1 (PSP), though other games have been distracting me of late), and besides, I don't as yet have a 3DS. xD I can see how some might find this exciting news, though. o3o I'm sure it's gonna come to Europe eventually - though, given their track record, likely digital-only.
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